Upcoming Events

In our new space, we have upcoming events for readers, flower lovers, dreamers, and more!

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Listen to audiobooks? You can listen and support your local, independent bookstore, and we would love to be your source for audiobooks!

Online Ordering

We would rather see you in the bookstore but we support online orders too!

The Bookstore and Flower Shop

At Penelope and Lu, we are a unique flower shop and bookstore that goes beyond providing beautiful blooms and captivating literature. Our offerings extend to hosting creative community events that bring people together to celebrate the arts, literature, and shared experiences.

Our flower arrangements bring joy, while our carefully curated bookstore sparks imagination and knowledge. From poetry readings to book clubs to flower workshops and author engagements, we cultivate a space where creativity flourishes, fostering a sense of community and connection.

Please come visit us soon so we can learn how to connect with you!


Host a Book Club

Need a cozy spot to host your book club? We have created the perfect haven for book lovers. Nestled within our charming store, or on our back patio, we offer a cozy spot to host your book clubs. 

Join us at the shop and let your book club bloom in this inviting setting!


Attend a Flower Workshop

Want to learn how to create using the art of floristry?

Whether you’re an everyday enthusiast or aspiring to become a professional florist, our workshops cater to all skill levels. Our workshops are a great way to spend time with friends, family or to meet new people!

Check out our upcoming flower workshops!