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You are probably feeling overwhelmed on how to begin planning the biggest event of your life, but you have come to the right place. We take joy in all of those little details that are plaguing you right now with our tried and true step-by-step process to plan your wedding day.

All of our planning services are reserved for our couples who intend to use us for their wedding florals.

Full-Service Wedding Planning

Your wedding should not be stressful, and that is why this service is the most popular of our planning packages. We are a dedicated duo that demands two pairs of eyes be on every full-service planning client. Together, we ensure that every detail, no matter how small, is accounted for. 

Our Process

Step 1: Inquire

Fill out our inquiry form so we can get some quick insight into your event and needs. 

Step 2: Client Connection and Information Gathering

Once your inquiry form has been filled out, we will reach out to schedule a consultation. This meeting is a great opportunity to see if you feel a connection with our team. Hiring a planner becomes an important relationship, after all, we are involved in the most intimate day of your life! You should walk away from this meeting feeling very confident in our understanding of you, your partner, and the type of wedding you wish to have.

Step 3: Research and Proposal

Information is taken from our consultation and then we dive into the research process. During this process, we gather even more information from you as a couple in order to draft a proposed budget. This is the most crucial part of the process because we want to be completely transparent in what we believe we can do with your budget. We plan for the wedding you describe and we are extremely honest in our assessment of costs.

Step 4: Contract and Timeline

Once the budget is approved, we work up our formal contract and timeline which details everything we will be doing for you as your planner. Think of our timeline as a class syllabus which covers important deadlines and a map of what you can expect from us as well as what we expect from our clients. When this is signed and the 30% retainer is paid, we start working on making the best day of your life a reality!

Step 5: Implementation

During this step of the process, the planning starts to become very tailored to the specific couple we are working with. We break our implementation process into 4 to 5 parts to zoom in on different stages of your wedding and micro-focus on each detail within that stage. During this phase you can expect us to curate a design vision board, present trusted vendors, set up meetings, present contracts, and discuss logistical concerns.

Step 6: Finalization

Once all vendors are booked, and the details are planned, we put together a schedule for your wedding day and handle relaying all information to your vendors. We set up design elements on the day of your wedding and make sure your vendors arrive at their delegated times and prepared to work. After the wedding, we assist with pack-up and make sure all loose ends are tied up while you set off on your new journey together. 

Full-Service Wedding Planning is based on budget.
Our minimum price for this service is $4500.

I’m ready to work with you!

Coordination Only

Our coordination package begins 60 days before the wedding day. We have a meeting to go over all of your vendor contracts and begin to create a timeline and production schedule for your wedding. We look over your rental lists, catering invoices, and all other lists of services to make sure everything is accounted for. We also contact all of your vendors and make sure they know when to be there and we ensure they have everything they need to provide their service to you. Our coordination clients will receive a list of our favorite vendors that we have worked with time and time again and truly trust. We want to ensure you have the best team to facilitate your best day!

Coordination only is $2500.

I Need Coordination

Most people are afraid to spend the money on a planner but I firmly believe hiring a planner actually saved me money.

Hiring Julie & Cassie was the best wedding planning decision I made. Most people are afraid to spend the money on a planner but I firmly believe hiring a planner actually saved me money. They were amazing beginning to end. They helped my husband and I put our vision together. I knew some things I wanted but I had no idea how to tie it all together. Julie and Cassie created a vision board that really helped me envision our day and actually make decisions (I am so indecisive). They were there for every vendor appointment and helped us stay on budget every step of the way. On the day of, I didn’t go to our venue until our ceremony. Julie & Cassie worked all day long coordinating, communicating, and making sure everything was perfect. AND let me tell you, it was beyond perfect and beautiful. The planning process was so much less stressful because I hired these two. I cannot recommend them enough. They truly love what they do and it shows!!!! THANK YOU JULIE & CASSIE!!!


I honestly couldn’t imagine our wedding without the help of Cassie & Julie! Penelope & Lu is the absolute best wedding planning service in Oklahoma.

My wife and I were engaged for 14 months, and Cassie & Julie were there every step of the way as we planned our big day. My wife went for a “bohemian chic” vibe and look. No idea what that meant originally, but the outcome was pretty amazing. Their attention to detail was spectacular. Cassie & Julie presented design concepts based on my wife’s Pinterest board with numerous different options, and we worked with them to finalize the exact look we wanted at our wedding. They took care of all the last-minute checklist items as we were busy entertaining out of town guests and making sure everyone was feeling at home here in Tulsa. If anything went “wrong”, instead of stressing us out, they always came to us with a solution. It really made for a seamless day. If you want 2 best friends to plan you a perfect wedding allowing you to never have to worry, Penelope & Lu is your company. We are so blessed and lucky to have met Julie and Cassie. Here we are a year later, and they still keep in touch with us! Highly recommended.  


Words don’t do justice to describe how outstanding these two ladies are. I’m in professional school, was engaged for 14 months, and let’s just say I would have run off and eloped if it wasn’t for Cassie and Julie - not exaggerating. They were proactive about every aspect of the wedding, always had answers and solutions for every little question or problem I had, and even basically became my personal cheerleaders during the last two months before the wedding. Cassie and Julie are truly two of the kindest souls you’ll ever have the privilege of meeting.

They curated my dream wedding and it was an absolute dream to work with them - I don’t know what else a bride could ask for!  


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