Among the Flowers- Inner Beauty Kit


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Rhassoul Clay Cleansing Mask- A soap free, ph balanced, gently cleansing blend of clay, lavender water and witch hazel that effectively sweeps debris and lifts oils from skin without depleting it from its beneficial properties.

Gold Balm- A luxurious blend of exquisite, raw plant oils, rich in beneficial nutrients selected for their effects on aging, thirsty, discolored skin. This easily absorbed, but hydrating balm will melt right into skin, absorb after several minutes, but leave skin protected and hydrated throughout the day. Each ingredient is also rated below a 2 on the comedogenic scale, meaning it will not block pores.

2oz Rose Petal Hydration Mist- A multifaceted toner, aromatherapeutic mood-booster, moisturizing, yet antibacterial blend of our favorite hibiscus infused rose hydrosol and witch hazel.
Made in United States of America

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