We value people.

It is so important to us that anytime you meet us you feel respected and valued. We want you to walk away from us with a feeling of lightness that lingers. Connections are our goal and mission, as well as encouraging others to feel confident in their ability to create for themselves. We value the differences in people. The quirky, the romantic, the awkward, the glamorous, the academic, whoever you are, we are excited about you and your story. We are here to help your ideas come to life through floral design and event planning.

Every idea is unique and deserves to be heard.

Words don’t do justice to describe how outstanding these two ladies are. I’m in professional school, was engaged for 14 months, and let’s just say I would have run off and eloped if it wasn’t for Cassie and Julie - not exaggerating. They were proactive about every aspect of the wedding, always had answers and solutions for every little question or problem I had, and even basically became my personal cheerleaders during the last two months before the wedding. Cassie and Julie are truly two of the kindest souls you’ll ever have the privilege of meeting. They curated my dream wedding and it was an absolute dream to work with them - I don’t know what else a bride could ask for!


Seriously! Cassie & Julie were the BEST! They did the flowers for my wedding - which I was very picky about - and they made my entire vision come to life. I recommend them 100%!! You won't be disappointed. Sweetest gals on the planet!!


I used Penelope and Lu for my florals and they did an amazing job. It was better than I could have ever imagined. I couldn’t recommend them enough and they are the sweetest girls to work with! Florals were the one thing I never had to stress about. They took my vision for that day and exceeded my expectations and made my wedding feel like an absolute dream! I couldn’t be more grateful for them and their team.


Hiring Julie & Cassie was the best wedding planning decision I made. Most people are afraid to spend the money on a planner but I firmly believe hiring a planner actually saved me money. They were amazing beginning to end. They helped my husband and I put our vision together. I knew some things I wanted but I had no idea how to tie it all together. Julie and Cassie created a vision board that really helped me envision our day and actually make decisions (I am so indecisive). They were there for every vendor appointment and helped us stay on budget every step of the way. On the day of, I didn't go to our venue until our ceremony. Julie & Cassie worked all day long coordinating, communicating, and making sure everything was perfect. AND let me tell you, it was beyond perfect and beautiful. The planning process was so much less stressful because I hired these two. I cannot recommend them enough. They truly love what they do and it shows!!!! THANK YOU JULIE & CASSIE!!!


Meet Cassie

Mother, wife, lover of patio brunch dates, and Enneagram type 6

Cassie values loyalty and genuine connection with everyone she meets! She is the master of details and works hard to make sure the smallest of details carry intention. Clutter is her nemesis and she ensures every single characteristic of a project carries value.

Meet Julie

Wife, mother, lover of spontaneous coffee dates, and Enneagram 3

Julie values hard work and reliability. Julie’s mission is to dream big and keep the big picture in mind at all times. She works hard to make sure project logistics and scheduling are planned out and well-executed.

This team and friendship works well because of our differences. We have a deep friendship that allows us to not only have fun and bring out the best in each other, but to also be completely honest and open when we see things differently. Our clients feel a level of security because they have two people using their strengths to think through and plan every aspect of their project whether its florals, coordination, or full-service planning. 

So which one is Penelope and which one is Lu?

Well… neither one of us! The two names have meaning from our pasts that we each brought to the name. Just plain ol Julie and Cassie will do! Jules and Cass once we really get to know ya!

Penelope and Lu offers romantic wedding florals and intentional wedding or event planning.

Each experience is tailored to the vision of our clients. We would love to chat with you and learn more about your event and how we can collaborate.

I’m ready to work with you!

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